Welcome, everyone, to a.i.r. sounds!

Now you may be thinking, what on earth is a.i.r. sounds? Isn’t that just what it sounds like when its windy outside?

If you are indeed thinking that, you, my friend, may need to get your eyes checked and look a bit closer at the subtitle of this blog. a.i.r sounds is actually a music blog! Hence, the sounds part of the title, with the a.i.r. part standing for alt, indie, and rock.

Thus, dear reader, you are correct, this is an alt, indie, and rock music blog.

Now that I have unnecessarily and excessively explained the title of this blog, lets get to the actual substance.

You may be asking yourself, “Now that I have a great and detailed understanding for the title of this blog, what does it actually do?”

My dear reader, this blog is designed to update the internet community of all things a.i.r., specifically in partner with our radio show, on the wonderful LS Radio, called Alt Hour (which is broadcast every Wednesday at 5pm GMT).

Meaning, this blog will contain:

  • A condensed version of our weekly news updates
  • Our full playlists
    • Including the songs that were planned but not played!
  • Write-ups about our themed weeks
    • These last few months we had two themed shows, one where a guest creatde a playlist with songs that they enjoyed and felt inclined to share. As well as a wonderful, 2000s pop punk week, for all my former scene and emo kids.

And, what I’m most excited for:

  • Band interviews!

That’s right folks, you heard it here first! Coming to Alt Hour and a.i.r sounds in 2018 is band interviews! As an avid music listener, I’m always looking for new and amazing music, and now that I have the power of radio, I have the chance to share, what I think is good, with others. I wanted to reach out to up and coming bands in the Liverpool area and beyond to talk to them about their music and, hopefully,  share some amazing music, which is exactly what I plan on doing. Thankfully, through the wonder that is twitter, I’ve already gotten in contact with a few fabulous bands, so prepare yourselves for the amazing content to come.

The interviews will be initially aired in part during the Alt Hour radio show, and later uploaded to SoundCloud in full, for everyone’s listening pleasure, as well as written about, which will be posted to this fine blog.

Well, those are my big plans for this year with a.i.r sounds and Alt Hour, so hopefully you’ll come along for the ride and see what this year has in store!

– Maddy