Through traversing the world of Twitter, I came across the 5 piece band Follow Deep from Hull. The up and coming band had recently been featured on BBC Introducing Radio Humberside with their single “Tonite”.

The band contacted me on Twitter about their new single “Bad Influence” and their soon to be released EP. I spoke with Harry Denness the guitarist of the band about their new single and their plans for the new year

The band is composed of Luke Bushby, the lead singer, Harry Denness, rhythm guitarist, Harry Easterby, lead guitarist, Joe Ingram, saxophonist, and Jed Pearson, drummer.

When talking about how the band came together, Denness said that he and Easterby had known each other since they were young, as well Ingram who they’d known since school where they all were in the same music class. Currently, they all attend the same college, East Riding College, and came together through a band class they were setting up. At the time, they found no one really wanted to take on the lead role of singer within the band. That was until lead singer, Luke Bushby, showed up to the college two weeks late, joined their practice, and soon became lead singer of the band that would later be known as Follow Deep.

The band has been through two drummers prior to landing on their current drummer, Jed Pearson. When looking for a new drummer, Denness said that once they heard Pearson play they knew that he would be perfect for the band and that they “clicked”. Denness also said that Pearson has unbelievable technique having previously been in a metal band.

When talking about the new single, “Bad Influence”, Denness revealed that the recording was actually Pearson’s first time playing the song with the band. He also said that a majority of Pearson’s drumming was actually improvised, but that it was so good that the band decided to keep that version.

As mentioned, the band has had two previous drummers. Denness said that, while their second drummer was a good, he was “hopeless with being on time,” but he did include the hilarious story of a festival in Scarborough, when the drummer had just been on holiday. According to Denness, the drummer arrived with about five minutes to sound check and, when he looked in his bag, said ” S**t, where are my drum sticks?” The story hilariously ends with the lads playing their set as normal, but with the creative addition of wooden spoons instead of drum sticks. Denness said, while stressful at the time, he finds the situation quite funny now.

Despite being a relatively new band, Denness said that 2017 was a good year in terms of gigs for the group. Denness cited one of his favourite gigs of his this past year as Tidal Waves Festival in the seaside town of Bridlington in Hull. He said it was one of their first professional gigs where they had their own trailer and had the pleasure of hanging out with the duo Seafret. Denness also said that there were over 1000 people there, which made the experience even more memorable for the band.

Another notable gig the band did was at Tribfest in Driftfield in East Yorkshire. Denness said that they hadn’t expected it to be a stand out gig for them, as the festival is primarily a tribute band festival. However, he said, the tent just kept getting “more and more full” until there were people standing out side listening. Denness said it was insane and one of the best crowds they’ve played. They also played a full original set at the festival, and it was their first time at a gig with drummer Jed. Denness said it was just an amazing experience and they didn’t expect the turn out, which was what made it so great.

Following the bands personal experiences, I was curious to the bands creative process and how their upcoming EP was actual produced.

Denness said that the process usually starts with himself coming up with a riff or a chord sequence and sometimes a bit of lyrics. He then shows this to the lads and will look to lead singer, Bushby, as to ask if its worth proceeding with. Most of the time its a yes. They tend to brainstorm on the board while Bushby will go off on his own and write most of the lyrics. Next, the lads will come back together to play the song, adding the lead guitar and saxophone and adding drums until it comes together. Next, they’ll think about the song, cut out what they thought was bad, elaborate on what they thought was good, until they are happy with the song.

Denness said that himself and Bushby tend to take a lead role when writing music. As Denness tends to initiate the process, he said that he usually has in mind what the song will sound like and the contributions of the other lads will help freshen up the song and make it sound perfect. While that is the usual process for writing, Denness said that the single “Bad Influence” was primarily written by Bushby.

Denness said that creating the EP was actually quite a long process, as it required working around everyone’s different schedules. According to Denness, while most of the songs were already written, the overall recording process took about a month and the mixing process then took about a week or two. Now the band is just working on promoting the album. Denness said that the complete EP should be released at some point during 2018.

When asked what sound the band were trying to portray through the album, Denness said that ‘they wanted to make what the thought sounded cool and good’ and to make the best sound they could for themselves. Denness said that the album has a cohesive sound. When describing the groups sound, Denness said “We’ve got a bit of a crunch”. To me the single seems to have an early Arctic Monkeys vibe, and has a really well put together sound for a newer band.

I asked Denness about the bands plans going into 2018 in addition to releasing the EP. Denness said that he, personally, was looking forward to doing more gigs in 2018, specifically going to new places and just ‘having a laugh’.

The band seems to have a great relationship which has created some amazing music, and what I imagine will be a great EP when its released later this year. It was an absolute pleasure to interview them, and I can’t wait to hear the full EP later this year.

The band has some up coming tour dates:

The Bevvy, Hull – 2nd March

The Commercial, Scarborough – 3rd March

L’Amour, Scarborough – 9th March

West Street Live, Sheffield – 12th March

The Bay Horse, Kilham – 17th March

To listen to the whole interview on click here and listen to the single “Bad Influence” on Spotify.


You can follow the band on Twitter here and on Facebook here.